Answer Job Interview Questions & Score Big

by Morgan Hamilton

It doesn't really matter how awesome the résumé reads, how many great laurels you can rest upon, or how much knowledge and experience you have acquired, you can bet that whether or not you land a job will have a great deal to do with how you answer job interview questions. It's really no secret that a lot of prospective employees below their chances of landing a coveted job by not being prepared for their interview.

As a result, they stumble over their words, say the wrong things, or resort to making up responses. The interviewer can immediately see through that kind of charade, and will not give the applicant a second thought once the session is finished. There's no reason for this to happen, so don't be one of them. By spending a bit of time researching the best way to answer job interview questions, you'll give yourself a huge advantage over your competition.

There are several sources you can go to in order to learn how to answer job interview questions. The very first place I would suggest that you look is the World Wide Web. There are a seemingly endless array of web sites devoted to job seekers and many of them will coach on how to answer job interview questions.

These are the folks who do the actual hiring for many human resource offices so they really know their stuff so you would be well advised to follow their advice. On the websites, you'll find numerous examples of how a confident, well-spoken candidate would answer job interview questions. Many of the questions that you'll run into our of the more common variety so you'll have a pretty good idea how to answer them when they're asked to you.

Another great source that will help you prepare to answer job interview questions is software designed specifically to help people write résumés. As I'm sure you already know, when you're writing your résumé you really want to look sharp and place you in the best light possible. Of course, that's exactly what you want to do when you answer job interview questions too. These tutorials usually consist of video clips showing actors playing the roles of interviewer and interviewee, which means you'll actually get to see and hear the best way to answer job interview questions. Watching videos are sometimes more helpful in reading the printed word because you can really say how the subject matter unfolds on so many different levels.

And by all means to take the time to practice. In order to get a feel for how you would really answer job interview questions when you're sitting in the hot seat, ask a family member or friend to sit down with you and role-play the interview process. A dry run like this can be incredibly helpful and preparing you for the real thing. All you have to do is write out several different things you are likely to be asked, then come up with logical and cogent responses to these questions.

During this process there's nothing wrong with taking your time so that you really get it down cold. If you really want to critique your performance in detail, you should record the session with a camcorder, have others watch and can give you an honest assessment of what they thought. It's often difficult for us to judge this on our own so I suggest you have others look at it as well.

It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and perseverance to get hired these days. By doing your homework and practicing the art of how to answer job interview questions, you will be going a long way in helping yourself to land that job.

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